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WG Pitts is a product and services provider in support of  the private sector and U.S. government agencies. Through the integration of our many competencies, we provide professionally conceived solutions to meet the demands of veterans, defense, and diplomatic agencies.

Experience Proven

We have trained and experienced team members who procure and provide a wide variety of goods and services globally. Our logistics capabilities allow us to deliver these goods and services on time and worldwide. Additionally, we have teaming-partner vendors in nearly every area of procurement. If there is something needed at your installation or facility, the WG Pitts Company can have it moving in your direction quickly.

Services & Products

  • Building & Industrial Supplies
  • Paints and Coatings
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    Stephen A. Day




    Furniture & Furnishings
  • Comprehensive Furniture Management
  • Hospitality Cleaning, Chemicals & General Services
  • Special Events Planning & Execution
  • Automotive Equipment
  • Aviation Procurement Support
  • IT Solutions & Electronics
  • Medical Equipment & Supplies
  • Office Solutions
  • Recreation & Apparel
  • Sports and Fitness Equipment
  • Tools, Hardware & Machinery



WG Pitts can help you with any and all of your procurement needs.

We accept Government Purchase Cards, IPP, VIS and WAWF payment systems. 

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