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(posted 12/04/2017)

WGPITTS has an opening for a Construction Manager  in Puerto Rico.  The Construction Manager will have overall responsibility for projects assigned from conception to final completion to ensure that the project is built by the project team on time, within prescribed budget, and the finished project is of high quality.  The Construction Manager is accountable for total oversight which may include managing the programming, design, engineering, general contractor/construction and commissioning.

***Applicants must be able and prepared to work 14 hour days- 7 days a week 

***Must be available not later than December 18 and must be prepared to work through Christmas to the termination date scheduled for March 19, 2018.


 Programming/Budgeting        5%

1.      Works with Client and A/E team to develop and refine the project program

2.      Reviews plans and specifications during design stage along with estimating team and advises design team of any discrepancies noted.  Liaison between Construction Estimating and Design Team.

3.      Documentation of all meetings and important occurrences.


A/E Administration      20%

4.      Assist the Owner in preparing, negotiating and entering into an agreement with the A/E professionals  and consultants advises the Owner on the acceptability of consultants  proposed by the A/E team.

5.      Prepares agreements between the Owner and, Consultants and A/E Team as necessary.

6.      Manages the A/E Team to have the project designed and engineered so as to be constructed within budget and conforming to the approved owners program.


Construction Management     35%

7.      Assist the Owner in preparing, negotiating and entering into an agreement with the General Contractor, and advises the Owner on the acceptability of subcontractors and suppliers proposed by General Contractors.

8.      Establish an on-site organization and lines of authority to administer the Project and shall schedule and conduct meetings at which the Owner, Architect/Engineer and appropriate General Contractor representative.

9.      Administers Change Orders, RFI’s Submittals.

10.   Represents the Client at O/A/C Meetings and prepares and promptly distribute meeting minutes.

11.   Provide monthly written reports to the Owner and Architect/Engineer on the progress of the entire Work. Assist the Owner and the Architect/Engineer in the review, evaluation and documentation of claims by General Contractor.


Project Schedule Management          5%

12.   Monitor the performance of the General Contractors as it relates to the Project Schedule

13.   Request of the General Contractor to update the Project Schedule and if required, recommend corrective alternatives or adjustments to the Owner and/or General Contractor.


Monitoring the Construction Budget And Contractor’s Pay Applications      5%

14.   Develops and implements a system of cost monitoring that will provide the Owner with timely information as to the anticipated total cost of the Project, including changes in the Work or Services.

15.   Reviews the General Contractors application for payment which shall be established based upon visual inspection of Work in place or materials properly stored on site.

16.   Reviews copies of requisitions received from subcontractors and material suppliers and other data requested by the Owner to substantiate the Trade Contractor's right to payment.

17.   Ascertains how or for what purpose the General Contractor has used money previously paid.


Change Order Management              5%

18.   Maintains a procedure for the preparation, review and processing of change orders to the General Contractor Agreements which will include the following:

19.   Recommend to the Owner and the Architect/Engineer necessary or desirable changes to the General Contractor Agreements;

20.   Review, evaluate and make recommendations regarding subcontractor requests for changes; and

21.   Assist in preparing and negotiating General Contractor Agreement change orders.


Review of General Contractors Work              10%

22.   Determine in general whether the Work is being performed in accordance with the requirements of the respective General Contractor Agreement, endeavoring to guard the Owner against defects and deficiencies in the Work.

23.   As appropriate, upon written authorization from the Owner, requires additional inspection or testing of the Work in accordance with the provisions of the General Contractor Agreements, whether such Work is fabricated, installed or completed.

24.   In consultation with the Owner and the Architect/Engineer, may reject Work which does not conform to the requirements of the Trade Contractor Agreements.

25.   Refers all questions for interpretation of the documents prepared by the Architect/Engineer to the Architect/Engineer.


Safety Programs                                  5%

26.   Review the safety programs developed the General Contractor. Responsibilities for coordination of safety programs shall not extend to direct control over or charge of, the acts or omissions of the General Contractors, or the subcontractors, agents or employees of the Trade Contractors or any other persons performing portions of the Work and not directly employed by the Construction Manager.


Shop Drawings, Submittals, RFI’s and Samples           5%      

27.   In collaboration with the Architect/Engineer, shall establish and implement procedures for expediting the processing and approval of shop drawings, submittals , RFIs and samples.


Project Close Out                                5%

28.   Advises the Owner as to the date of Substantial Completion of the Work or designated portions thereof, and assist the Architect/Engineer in preparing a list of incomplete or unsatisfactory items and a proposed schedule for their completion.

29.   With the Owner's maintenance personnel, shall direct the checkout of utilities, operations systems and equipment for readiness and assist in their initial start-up testing by the Trade Contractors.

30.   Advise the Owner as to the final completion of the Work and provide written notice to the Owner and Architect/Engineer that the Work is ready for final inspection.

31.   Collect and deliver to the Owner the guarantees, affidavits, releases, bonds and waivers from Trade Contractors and any keys, manuals, record drawings and maintenance stocks the received from the General Contractor.


Knowledge & Skills

  • Computer: MS Word, MS Excel, Microsoft Project
  •  Self Starter/ Self Motivator

  •  English Language 

  •  Customer and Personal Service

  •  Active Listening

  •  Critical Thinking

  •  Monitoring

  •  Judgment and Decision Making

  •  Active Learning

  •  Coordination

  •  Problem Sensitivity

  •  Deductive Reasoning

  •  Oral and Written Expression

  •  Written Comprehension

  •  Speech Clarity

  •  Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships

  •  Organizing, Planning & Prioritizing Work

  •  Communicating with Supervisors, Peers or Subordinates

  •  Making Decisions and Solving Problems

Experience & Education

  • Three (3) or more years’ experience in the construction industry.
  • Experience in Power Distribution preferred, but not required
  • Spanish Preferred

Physical Requirements/Working Environment

  • Work in normal office environment with controlled temperature, sometimes must work outside in extreme temperatures.
  • Able to work 14 hour days up to seven days a week 
  • This position requires work indoors 25% of the workday and 75% visiting jobsites and work in existing weather conditions.
  • There may be extreme weather temperatures.
  • The person in this position is required to operate is standard office machinery  (e.g. computer, tablet, smart phone, printer and copy machine.)
  • The person in this position may be required to lift office supplies and materials up to 30 pounds.


  • Travel to Puerto Rico required. Travel around the island of Puerto Rico required.

Equipment and Vehicles Provided

Please email your resume to recruiter@wgpitts.com and refer to the position title in the subject line.

WG Pitts is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply.