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Core Competencies - CREST™

At WG Pitts, these are our top Core Competencies as a team - CRESTSM :



  • Every project begins with meetings consisting of all team members.  To ensure consistent project follow up and review, on site meetings are held weekly.
  • All of our field superintendents are equipped with computers and wireless access to ensure accurate up to date communication with the project team.
  • We conduct regular Owner meetings and generate Monthly Progress Reports that includes topics such as procurement, pending issues, progress photos and a project summary.


  • We are committed and determined to secure the success of a project.
  • We keep our PROMISESSM and maintain our integrity on every project. 


  • We understand, through experience, what it takes to get the mission accomplished.
  • All WG Pitts team members are trained and practice the “Flawless Execution” Model (Plan, Brief, Execute and Debrief) on all phases of every project. (The “Flawless Execution” is a seminar product of Afterburner, Inc.)


  • WG Pitts invests in cutting edge accounting and project management software for the accessibility of our entire project management team.
  • We utilize detailed written standardized processes that correspond to electronic templates for schedules, reports, subcontract management, and quality control.  The result is effective communication, a streamlined construction process, economy and efficiency.


  • WG Pitts’ conducts weekly training sessions with all office team members in execution, customer relations, leadership and teamwork.