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Development Management


To remain competitive in today’s development arena, you need every advantage to stand out in the crowd. However, the complexities of development/construction projects require a range of expertise few firms possess. At WG Pitts, we’ve assembled a group of enthusiastic, seasoned industry professionals with these specialized skills.

Clients have already discovered the added value of allowing WG Pitts to handle all aspects of project development from initial conception through design, construction, and commissioning. In today’s environmentally sensitive atmosphere, our knowledge of the permitting process and our experience working with governmental agencies allows us to competently guide you through the complexities of governmental relations.

Before you can make the sale, you have to get your product to market. Effective planning is the only way to do that, and WG Pitts offers a full range of developmental services to help you get started. By utilizing our expertise in these complicated areas, you’ll maximize your return on investment and ultimately deliver your product faster.



WG Pitts has the necessary experience dedicated to all the activities necessary to take you from a raw piece of land to properly permitted projects. We’re here to assist you with the detailed processes of:


Program Manager

Construction Manager

•Development Manager

•Site Identification

•Site Evaluation

•Proforma Preparation

•Engineering Management





•Conceptual Design


•Market Study Coordination

•Land Planning

•Comprehensive Plan Compliance


•Creation of Development Districts