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GSA Construction Management Services


WG Pitts is a GSA Contract Holder for Construction Management SIN 871-1. Under this contract, WG Pitts can act as a professional adviser or as an extension of the agency’s staff. WG Pitts manages the entire owner's program, budgeting, design engineering, construction commissioning and post construction services. Below is a list of professional services authorized to be offered:

GSA Construction Management Services Related to Real Property Guide

GS-10F-0294W · SIN 871-7 · Construction Management and Engineering Consulting Services

Design Phase Services

WG Pitts can provide the following:

  • Design technical reviews
  • Code compliance reviews
  • Constructability reviews
  • Analysis of Value Engineering proposals
  • Preparare of cost estimates (including independent check estimates)
  • Cost analysis
  • Cost control/monitoring
  • Energy studies
  • Utility studies
  • Site investigations
  • Site surveys
  • Schedule (including preparation of schedules and schedule reviews)
  • Review of design scope changes (including analysis of schedule impact)
  • Schedue/conduct/document design related meetings
  • Perform market studies (material availability, contractor interest, etc.)

Procurement Phase Services

WG Pitts can provide the following:

  • Provide assistance to the Contracting Officer in contract procurement
  • Answer bid/RFP questions
  • Participate in site visits
  • Participate in pre-bid conferences
  • Prepare and issue solicitation amendments for review and approval by the Contracting Officer
  • Perform cost/bid/proposal analysis

Construction Phase Services

WG Pitts can provide the following:

  • Establish temporary field offices
  • Create job files and working folders
  • Record keeping systems
  • Maintain organized construction files
  • Assist in problem resolution and handling of disputed issues (including development of Government position)
  • Maintain marked up sets of project plans and specifications for future as-built drawings
  • Perform routine inspections of construction as work proceeds
  • Identify work that does not conform to the contract requirements
  • Notify the contractors when work requires correction
  • Compile site inspections, lists of defects and omissions related to the work performed, provide these lists to the contractor for correction
  • Review of construction contractor payment requests, including preparation of necessary forms for payment processing
  • Monitor project financial data and budgetary cost accounting administration of construction contract change orders, including issuing proposal requests, preparing cost estimates, reviewing cost proposals, assisting agency in negotiations, preparing change order packages for processing
  • Scheduling, conducting, and documenting regular progress meetings with all interested parties to review project status, discuss problems, and resolve issues
  • Monitor construction contractor compliance with established safety standards (note and report unsafe working conditions
  • Failures to adhere to safety plan required by construction contract
  • Monitor construction contractors compliance with contract labor standards
  • Coordinate construction activities with customer Managers and occupying agency personnel
  • Prepare special reports and regular project status reports
  • Provide for progress and/or final photographs of project work
  • Perform site surveys
  • Provide assistance in obtaining permits

Commissioning Services

 WG Pitts can provide the following:

  • Start-up planning
  • Forecast start-up duration
  • Estimate start-up costs
  • Determine start-up objectives
  • Organize start-up teams and team assignments
  • Test building system components
  • Conduct performance tests

Testing Services

WG Pitts can provide the following:

  • Claims Services      
  • Furnish reports with supporting information necessary to resolve disputes or defend against the claims
  • Prepare and assemble appeal files
  • Participate in meetings or negotiations with claimants
  • Appear in legal proceedings
  • Prepare cost estimates for use in claims negotiations

Post-Construction Services

WG Pitts can provide the following:

  • Perform Post Occupancy Evaluations (POEs)
  • Assist in the formulation of lessons learned
  • Provide occupancy planning including development of move schedules, cost estimates, inventory lists, etc.
  • Provide move coordination, relocation assistance, and/or furniture coordination
  • Provide telecommunication and computer coordination