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Landscape Architecture

 We create designs that incorporate innovative ideas, utilize the best materials & methods and provide a lasting value

to our clients and their communities.

WGPITTS is an expert designer of beautiful landscape environments and project land planning. The WGPITTS team has extensive experience in a variety of project types which includes commercial, large master planned communities, municipal and recreation facilities. WGPITTS creates attractive streetscape, hardscape and landscape designs which add value to any development.

Landscape Design

As professional landscape architects the WGPITTS team creates spectacular landscape themed environments. WGPITTS’s experience in large master planned communities, knowledge of local codes and plant material selections makes WGPITTS an unparalleled value. The WGPITTS design team places special importance on issues such as creating "Water-Wise" and "Florida-Friendly" designs that include proper selection of the native species that work with the plant hammock communities' indicative of the specific site. Selecting the appropriate tree sizes, types and associated plant materials found in their native habitats lend a natural feel to the built environment and create a sense of place unique to each community. Plantings and greenery are used to enhance streetscapes, parking lots, amenity centers and parks to create a compelling natural setting.


Planned communities that feature recreational facilities and amenity centers top the list for consumers. WGPITTS' extensive experience includes the planning, architectural design and construction of amenity centers, country club community and recreation centers, aquatic facilities, community and regional parks, ball stadiums, playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, multi-purpose fields, walking and exercise trails and other sports amenities that add unparalleled value to any facility or community.


WGPITTS is an industry leader in assisting developers with the design and construction of their development projects. The WGPITTS team's capabilities include spectacularly designed entry features for neighborhood communities that includes monuments and signage, trellis structures, and comfortably appointed pavilions; community gardens, water features and fountains, guard houses, wayfinding markers and signage, a wide variety of paver designs and roadway improvements, fencing and screen walls along with many other structures that enhance a community. Each component is placed in an environment with a commitment to protecting and complimenting the existing natural landscape.

Project Experience:

· Amenity Centers

· Arbors and Gazebos

· Bridge Enhancements

· Entrance Features

· Landscape Designs

· Fountains

· Gate Houses

· Hardscapes

· Low Voltage LED Lighting

· Park Design

 · Parkway Streetscapes

· Pavement Treatments

· Planting Plans and Plant Health Assessments

· Playgrounds

· Recreation Facilities

· Roadway Enhancements

· Rock Features

· Rooftop Gardens

· Sports Fields

 · Streetscape Design

· Tennis Complex Design

· Tree Mitigation

· Tree Assessments

· Tree Selections

· Waterfalls

· Water Features

· Waterslides/Attractions

· Water-Wise Irrigation 

· Xeriscaping