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Pre-Construction Services

Throughout the Preconstruction Phase of the project the majority of the crucial cost decisions are identified, evaluated, and implemented. Our approach, combined with our firm’s professionals will achieve maximum value to this project by presenting alternative design solutions. The following represents a partial listing of the services which WGPITTS utilizes in the Preconstruction phase. During This phase, it is anticipated that WGPITTS will attend regular meetings with the project team in order to generally advise the team on site use and improvements, selection of materials, systems and equipment.

 Phase A-Estimation - Open Book Process

 Stage A.1 Estimating phase

At the completion of the project design or at the final stage of preconstruction services, WGPITTS will create a detailed cost estimate set up in Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) format. This involves gathering quotes and estimates for all phases of the project from general conditions, site & utilities, concrete, masonry, wood framing, plumbing, electrical, etc. This process is very similar to the typical bid scenario. All quotes from subcontractors, however, would be submitted to you in presentable format with a summary for each section of work. In addition, we would offer opinions of regarding anticipated subcontractor performance and workmanship and responsiveness during our process. A summary of all detailed cost would then be utilized to firmly establish the project’s Direct Cost.

 Stage A.2 Contract Amount

Once the direct cost is established, our fee for the construction or management of the project would be based as a percentage of the total direct cost that was established in the Pricing Phase. The commercial terms and project delivery method is based upon your desired project approach. 

If a lump sum or Guaranteed Maximum Price is desired, the typical method is to take the Direct Cost number along with our flat fee or percentage fee plus any agreed upon contingency allowance; simply total these components and establish a lump sum contract amount.

Benefits of this unique approach include more accurate budgeting, owner participation in quality selection of components and subcontractors, accurate knowledge of actual project cost, streamlined design and bid package preparation, Team-Built approach with the builder and architect working together, competitive vendor and subcontractor bidding.