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Why WG Pitts ?

quiv·er (kwiv' er) n.: a case for holding arrows. ("Take the quiver and thy bow." -Gen. 27)

At WG Pitts these are benefits we provide to our clients - QUIVER™:


Quality - We provide service that exceeds expectations and adds value to relationships.

  • On 100% of WG Pitts projects, the project team prepares a preliminary punch list and strives to have a zero item punch list at the completion of the project.
  • For the past 19 years, WG Pitts has had a warranty expense of less than 1% of the cost of our projects, evidence that our projects are properly constructed the first time.
  • 90% of all projects have the punch list completed within 30 days of project completion.

Unsurpassed Customer Service - We strive to give more than is promised & deliver more than is expected.

  • WG Pitts protects its client’s interest and as a result over 90% of our work comes from repeat business or referrals.
  • WG Pitts responds to 98% of all warranty request within 24 hours and 100% of all warranty repairs have been handled without cost to the Owner.
  • At Closeout, 95% of our clients receive a detailed Operations and Maintenance manual that contains a written Warranty, operations instructions, a compalte vendor and subcontractor log and the vendor and subcontractor warranties.

Innovation - Utilizing the collaborative processes we provide creative solutions to difficult challenges.

  • WG Pitts utilizes innovative project delivery methods; the Open Book ProcessSM, Team-Built ApproachSM or Single Source SolutionsSM and has constructed 75% of its projects using one of these collaborative efforts.
  • WG Pitts regularly provides innovative ideas and creative solutions to problems.  When projects are delivered utilizing either our Team-Built ApproachSM or Single Source SolutionsSM, we have provided our clients savings of 10% to 30% per project.
  • WG Pitts is a developer’s contractor and understands what it takes to create a successful project. We have constructed 99% of our projects for private developers or business owners. 

Value - We provide the best products and services for dollars spent.

  • WG Pitts understands the importance of budgets and has completed 98% of all projects within the client’s target budget.
  • WG Pitts has assisted 97% of its clients in reducing cost by at least 15% through best value design or aggressive procurement and intense subcontractor management.
  • Utilizing the Team-Built ApproachSM, WG Pitts has completed 98% of its projects without a contractor initiated change order

Experience -proven track record of constructing complex multi-site projects, on time, and within budget.

  • WG Pitts is a recognized award-winning constructor:
    • 2005 Aurora Award - NAHB
    • 2006 Grand Aurora Award - NAHB
    • 2006 Aurora Award - NAHB
    • 2006 Horizon Award – AGC of Greater Florida
    • 2006 Aurora Award - NAHB
    • 2006 Best Attention to Detail – Jacksonville  Homebuyer Magazine
    • 2007 Horizon Award – AGC of Greater Florida

Reliability - We do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it.

  • WG Pitts is dedicated to keeping its PromisesSM and has never failed to complete a project or a contractual obligation, regardless of the financial outcome for our company. 
  • On Pre-Construction Services or Single Source SolutionsSM (Design-Build) projects, WG Pitts completed 97% of these projects ahead of schedule.
  • WG Pitts utilizes a “Milestone to Milestone” project management process to keep 100% of all projects on schedule or ahead of schedule.