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WG Pitts works closely with clients to provide construction services utilizing various project delivery methods including Design-Build, General Contracting, Construction Management, and Owners Representation.

Our completed projects across many market segments to include Office, Restaurant, Retail and Financial, Government, Sports and Recreation, Institutional, Multi-Family Mixed-Use, and Master Planned Community Improvements such as entry features and hardscape improvements.

Completed projects also include award-winning state-of-the-art athletic complexes, high-security criminal justice facilities, credit unions, retail shopping centers, office parks, multi-family apartments, and medical facilities.


Our Approach

The WGPITTS approach is straightforward, efficient and cost-effective. Our approach is proven successful through extensive experience and provides expert technical and administrative management of the project. We understand that the services we provide will be directed at preserving and advancing the interest of the Project in the areas of client satisfaction, quality, safety and timely completion of work.  Our organization and management approach facilitates communication with contracting, management, and technical personnel at every appropriate level. Our team believes in close coordination with the Client, partnering with the client as a team, placing highly capable and experienced professionals on the job, and ensuring the proper tools and resources are given to each professional in order to execute assigned projects or tasks.  

We will focus on key elements of effective management through frequent reviews, planning, scheduling, overseeing the vendors, and implementing processes that will ensure we deliver quality work on-time and within budget. WG Pitts believes that there are 7 essential elements required to successfully accomplish the task at hand and this section will address WG Pitts’ plan for executing the Elements of Successful Project Management:

Elements Of Successful Project Management

1. Leadership – Foster the “Team-Built Approach” at all times through strong leadership, organization and daily management of each member of the construction team.

2. Cost Containment – Provide cost analysis at the beginning of the project, then enhance the design process through extensive “Value Engineering” to deliver a cost-effective structure.

3. Quality of Work – Provide a high level of quality in all finish surfaces.  Our background in custom residential and high-end commercial office buildings provides us with the knowledge and depth of experience to produce finish work of unequaled quality.

4. Timely Completion – Maintain an On-Time Commitment to the project schedule and establish an aggressive schedule throughout the project the project and capitalize on opportunities to compress the overall time frame to ensure timely completion.

5. Project Coordination – Properly coordinate the work as to maximize the efficiency of the subcontractors and the promotion of a quality installation of the building components.

6. Safety Commitment – Place great emphasis on maintaining a safe environment for the subcontractor’s workmen, material men, visitors and (Client)’s representatives.

7. Communication - All projects are started with preconstruction meetings of all team members and followed up with weekly on site meetings. All field superintendents are equipped with computers and wireless access to ensure accurate up to date communication. We conduct regular Client meetings and generate Monthly Progress Reports that include topics such as procurement, pending issues, progress photos and a project summary.

Pre-Construction Services

Pre-Construction Services

Throughout the Preconstruction Phase of the project, the majority of the crucial cost decisions are identified, evaluated, and implemented. Our approach, combined with our firm’s professionals will achieve maximum value to this project by presenting alternative design solutions. The following represents a partial listing of the services which WGPITTS utilizes in the Preconstruction phase. During this phase, it is anticipated that WGPITTS will attend regular meetings with the project team in order to generally advise the team on-site use and improvements, selection of materials, systems, and equipment.

  • Design Coordination
  • Budget Preparation and Cost Analysis
  • Site Analysis
  • Value Engineering

General Contracting

General Contracting

WG Pitts is a State of Florida Certified General Contractor. As the selected General Contractor WG Pitts is responsible for providing the material, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the construction of the Project.  WG Pitts will professionally ensure the quality of all work performed by all vendors and subcontractors while ensuring our number priority on the job site; Safety. WG Pitts has a professionally experienced team, a commitment to exceeding client expectations and ensuring timely quality construction.

Construction Phase Services

  • Estimating
  • Subcontractor Qualification and Selection
  • Project Preplanning and CPM Scheduling
  • Management of Subcontractor and Supplier Performance
  • Safety
  • Quality Control
  • Performance
  • Close-Out / Warranty

Cost Savings

The design process requires less work product from the design professionals which translates into cost savings to the Owner. The design-build approach provides the most cost effective way of constructing the project program.

Time Savings

Because the design and construction teams collaborate during the design phase, redesign is virtually eliminated. Total design and construction time is significantly reduced while submittal approval time is greatly accelerated.  Simply eliminating the bidding process saves a significant amount of time. Site preparation can begin prior to the finalization of all building details.

Open Book Process

Our Open Book Process

WGPITTS utilizes the unique Open Book Process approach to project delivery. This process provides tremendous value and benefits to our clients which includes more accurate budgeting, owner participation in quality selection of components and subcontractors, accurate knowledge of actual project cost, streamlined design and bid package preparation, Team-Built approach with the builder and architect working together, and competitive vendor and subcontractor bidding. This simple but effective approach is as follows:

Part A

Estimating and Pricing Phase

At the completion of the project design or at the final stage of preconstruction services, the WGPITTS team creates a detailed cost estimate set up in Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) format. The team obtains quotes and estimates for all phases of the project from general conditions, site & utilities, concrete, masonry, wood framing, plumbing, electrical, etc. This process is similar to a typical bid scenario. All quotes from subcontractors, however, are transparent and shared with the Client in a presentable format with a summary for each section of work. In addition, we offer professional opinions of anticipated subcontractor performance, workmanship, and responsiveness during our process. A summary of all detailed costs would then be utilized to firmly establish the project’s Direct Cost.

Part B

Contract Amount

Once the direct cost is established, WGPITTS's fee for the construction or management of the project is calculated as a percentage of the total direct cost that was established in the Estimating and  Pricing Phase. The commercial terms and project delivery method is based upon your desired project approach.

If a lump sum or Guaranteed Maximum Price is desired, the typical method is to take the Direct Cost number along with our flat fee or percentage fee plus any agreed-upon contingency allowance; simply total these components and establish a lump sum contract amount.

Benefits of the Open Book Process

Benefits to the Open Book Process includes more accurate budgeting, owner participation in quality selection of components and subcontractors, accurate knowledge of actual project cost, streamlined design, bid package preparation, Team-Built approach with the builder and architect working together, and competitive vendor and subcontractor bidding.



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