WG PITTS Design-Build Services


As an design–builder, WGPITTS serves as both the design manager and general contractor utilizing our streamlined efficient process we refer to as Single Source Solutions℠.  Using our Single Source Solutions℠, we provide a single,  phased contract to provide planning, architecture, engineering and construction services. As the design-builder, WGPITTS  is accountable for both the budget and program while completing the design and construction.


The Single Source Solutions℠ approach ensures project economy and efficiency and offers a much-improved schedule, cost savings, streamlined contract and project management, and improved accountability. The projects costs are 100% transparent to ensure you receive a good value for your dollars spent. This process is more collaborative and fosters open communication which results in better coordination between design and construction. WGPITTS approaches the Single Source Solutions SM project delivery as a three phase process as follows:


Phase One

Programming & Budgeting

Owner and WGPITTS create the project programming, scope and budget.

Phase Two

Preliminary Design-Build

Owner and WGPITTS contractually enter into the Preliminary Design-Build Agreement. WGPITTS conducts site visits, completes the site plan, Schematic Design, Design Development drawings and Outline Specifications. Using the Open Book Process, where all costs are disclosed, WGPITTS creates a Lump Sump or Guaranteed Maximum Price proposal.

Phase Three

Construction/ Design-Build

Owner and WGPITTS enter into the Design-Build Agreement at the agreed-upon Lump Sum or GMP contract amount. WGPITTS completes Construction Documents, develops the final cost model, obtains the necessary permits and constructs the Project.

Benefits: Design-Build Delivery

· Integrated Design and Construction Services - As an Integrated Design-Builder, WGPITTS is a planning, architecture and general contracting firm which allows for economy, efficiency and accountability in the design and construction process. 

· Single Point of Contact - WGPITTS provides a single contract between the Owner and Design-Builder which places responsibility upon WGPITTS  in regards to project scope, cost, schedule and performance.

· Best Value - Design and construction personnel, working and communicating as a team, evaluate alternative materials and methods efficiently and accurately to ensure the best value for the dollars spent.  

· Quality - The collaborative approach serves as motivation for quality and proper project performance. This allows WGPITTS to use higher skilled craftsmen who desire to do things the “right way”. WGPITTS is motivated to emphasize quality throughout the design and construction process in that WGPITTS maintains  responsibility for the completed product.

· Accurate Cost Projections - The transparent Open Book Process ensures accurate costs are provided up front.  Change orders due to "errors and omissions" are virtually eliminated because WGPITTS is both the Architect and Contractor accountable for the design and construction.

· Cost Savings - The design process requires less work product from the design professionals which translates into cost savings to the Owner. The design-build approach provides the most cost effective way of constructing the project program.

· Time Savings - Because the design and construction teams collaborate during the design phase, redesign is virtually eliminated. Total design and construction time is significantly reduced while submittal approval time is greatly accelerated.  Simply eliminating the bidding process saves a significant amount of time. Site preparation can begin prior to the finalization of all building details.


Design. Build. Enjoy.

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