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Behind the remarkable buildings and communities constructed and developed by WGPITTS are some of the industries best managers, staff and craftsmen. Being in the construction and development industry is challenging, but no doubt, it is a tremendously rewarding chosen caeer. Very few individuals have the ability to be part of a lasting legacy of something constructed, something permanent. The reward of being able to drive past or look at a project and say to yourself "I helped build that" is tremendously rewarding. You can be part of that too.

If you are selected to work at WGPITTS you will find a life at WGPITTS to be among the best in the industry.


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Job Postings

Job Postings  - Puerto Rico

WGPITTS is seeking to hire qualified individuals for the following positions for projects in Puerto Rico.


Currently No Positions are Open 

Please continue to check back

Job Postings - Florida

WGPITTS is seeking to hire qualified individuals for the following positions for projects in Florida.

Currently No Positions are Open.

Please continue to check back.

Application For Employment

Interested parties who wish to join the WGPITTS Team or respond to job postings should complete the Application for Employment below and send the Application and Resume with the position sought in the subject line to the recruiter email below.


  1. Complete the Application for Employment from the link above.
  2. Save the document to your computer.
  3. Sign the Application for Employment
  4. Email Completed Application and Resume to:
  5. Please put the position which you are seeking in the Subject Line 


Puerto Rico

Craft Workers Employment Inquiries

Contact: Lydia Vazquez, Recruiter | 939-293-2883 |


Corporate and Project Management

Individuals Interested in Joining the Executive or Project Management Team please email Will Pitts directly at

Workplace Responsibility 

WGPITTS is committed to health, safety and economic well being of our team members, vendors, clients, and the stakeholders.

At WGPITTS we commit ourselves to conducting ourselves by code of business ethics that:

1.     Has its foundation in honesty, integrity and fairness in all daily operations and requires the highest order of integrity in the conduct of team-members in their relationships with the company as well as in dealings with clients, suppliers, consultants and competitors.

2.     Ensures a safe, healthy workplace for employees, vendors, subcontractors and jobsite visitors and a safe and healthy finished construction project for our clients, and a safe and healthy environment for the community.

3.     Promotes the adoption of environmental protection goals and practices by subcontractors and suppliers and consideration of the environmental sustainability of projects we construct.

4.     Has a strong commitment to equal opportunity in the workforce and believes in treating people with dignity and providing equal employment and advancement opportunities for all.

5.     Will include enforcement of compliance of this ethics policy by all team-members.

6.     Team-members will avoid any action that may create the appearance of:

·       Giving preferential treatment to any organization or person for personal gain.

·       Impeding WGPITTS efficiency or economy.

·       Making a WGPITTS decision outside of official channels.

·       Affecting adversely the confidence of our team, the public, our clients, or competitors in the integrity of WGPITTS.

When totally followed, will enhance the perception of our industry by our clients and by the public as a whole.