Construction Services

WGPITTS works closely with clients to provide construction services utilizing various project delivery methods including Design-Build, General Contracting, Construction Management, and Owners Representation.

WGPITTS understands that the services provided are directed at satisfying the client's project goals WGPITTS’s staff manages the overall project to ensure all work is completed per the contract terms with the goal of delivering more than is expected. WGPITTS accomplishes that by executing the key elements of effective management through frequent reviews, planning, scheduling, overseeing the vendors, and implementing processes that will ensure WGPITTS delivers quality work on-time and within budget.

Our completed projects across many market segments to include Office, Restaurant, Retail and Financial, Government, Sports and Recreation, Institutional, Multi-Family Mixed-Use, and Master Planned Community Improvements such as entry features and hardscape improvements.

Completed projects also include award-winning state-of-the-art athletic complexes, high-security criminal justice facilities, credit unions, retail shopping centers, office parks, multi-family apartments, and medical facilities.

WGPITTS also provides structural concrete repairs and structural concrete construction as a specialty contractor including structural carbon fiber reinforcement. Other trades performed by our Self-Performing Operations (SPO) includes interior build-out and interior finishes.

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Requirements of Successful Project Management

Leadership – WGPITTS will provide strong leadership to the project team. Project Manager’s lead their teams by example by following and promoting policies and procedures. Project Managers build relationships with team members by promoting integrity, and collaboration, which creates an environment of trust and open communication.

Cost Management – WGPITTS will establish and maintain a project budget and construct the project within budget.  Project managers create a project budget at the beginning of the project and maintain ownership of the budget and project cost throughout the life of the project to deliver a cost-effective project.

Quality Management– WGPITTS will ensure the quality of our work by establishing, implementing and managing the project Quality Assurance Program (QAP).  The QAP program identifies the standards, systems and processes which the work is to be performed that includes the technical, regulatory and contractual requirements.

Production Management – WGPITTS will maintain an On-Time Commitment to the project schedule.

Safety Management– WGPITTS will plan and create an accident-free jobsite by placing great emphasis on maintaining a safe environment for the subcontractor’s workmen, material men, visitors and the client’s representatives.

Communication Management- WGPITTS will proactively communicate and establish the communications plan. Communications management is the key to a project success. ​​​​​​ Maintaining effective communication with the client, vendors, staff and others that are instrumental in the success of the project is a paramount responsibility for a project manager. Effective communication occurs through managing task list, emails, telephone calls and following the company reports and documentation schedule.


General Contracting, Construction Management & Design-Build

Pre-Construction Services

Throughout the Preconstruction Phase of the project, the majority of the crucial cost decisions are identified, evaluated, and implemented. Our approach, combined with our firm’s professionals will achieve maximum value to this project by presenting alternative design solutions. The following represents a partial listing of the services which WGPITTS utilizes in the Preconstruction phase. During this phase, it is anticipated that WGPITTS will attend regular meetings with the project team in order to generally advise the team on-site use and improvements, selection of materials, systems, and equipment.

  • Design Coordination
  • Budget Preparation and Cost Analysis
  • Site Analysis
  • Value Engineering

General Contracting

WGPITTS performs total project construction. As the selected General Contractor WGPITTS  provides labor, materials, equipment and manages the subcontractors required for the construction of the project.  WGPITTS ensures the compliance with permitting, insurance and licensing requirements. WGPITTS ensures the quality of all work performed subcontractors while ensuring our number priority on the jobsite; Safety. WGPITTS has a professional experienced team, a commitment to exceeding client expectations and ensuring timely quality construction.

WGPITTS utilizes the cost transparent Open Book Process approach to project delivery. This process provides tremendous value and benefits to WGPITTS’s clients which includes more accurate budgeting, owner participation in quality selection of components and subcontractors, accurate knowledge of actual project cost, streamlined design and bid package preparation, Team-Built approach with the builder and architect working together, and competitive vendor and subcontractor bidding.

Construction Phase Services

  • Estimating
  • Subcontractor Qualification and Selection
  • Project Preplanning and CPM Scheduling
  • Management of Subcontractor and Supplier Performance
  • Safety
  • Quality Control
  • Close-Out / Warranty
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Construction Managment at Risk (CMAR)

WGPITTS has significant experience representing ownership groups, partnerships and government agencies as their agent to manage the construction and development processes. WGPITTS Construction Management services include design and engineering management, managing the general contractor, construction administration and building commissioning.

Construction Manager at Risk, also called CM at Risk or simply CMAR, is also a derivative of the Design-Bid-Build process. But instead of the designer overseeing the design process and construction quality, WGPITTS as the construction manager (CM) is hired by the owner to oversee the entire project. In fact, once hired, the WGPITTS stands in as the owner’s representative and advocate in every step of the construction process from preconstruction to design and bidding, through construction. This makes CMAR ideal for project owners who want an expert’s help managing their project or communicating between parties, and sometimes CMAR allows owners to remove themselves from the majority of the construction process altogether.

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Design-Build (Single Source Solutions)

WGPITTS has significant experience is delivering projects utilizing the design Build delivery method. By utilizing this method WGPITTS assists the owner in selecting the architecture and engineering team members with expertise, experience and past performance that matched the specific project to be constructed.

As the design–builder, WGPITTS provides a single contract to provide planning, architecture, engineering and construction services. As the design-builder, WGPITTS  is accountable for both the budget and program while completing the design and construction for a successful high quality project constructed on time and on budget.

The Design-Build method was created to reduce the lengthy timeline that often accompanies Design-Bid-Build. It does so by replacing the designer and the contractor with a single party who fills both of these roles, called a design-builder. As the design-builder, WGPITTS's project director or project manager serves as the owner’s single contact for the entirety of the project. And while this allows for efficient communication, it also means that the WGPITTS is singularly accountable for the outcome of the project.

After the Client has chosen a specific proposal, the design-builder’s team can get to work securing permits and beginning construction immediately. The project can also be completed in phases, where the first phase is designed and construction begins while the second phase is designed, again allowing for a faster start to construction. This makes Design-Build ideal for large projects that require an accelerated timeline.

Read More on WGPITTS's Design Build Single Source Solutions




Structural Concrete & Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

Structural Concrete

WG PITTS performs structural concrete construction and services relating to the demotion, repair, strengthening and replacement of structural concrete.


  • Foundations
  • Structures
  • Retaining Walls
  • Bridges


  • Reconstruction
  • Crack Repairs
  • Cementous Grout
  • Epoxy Grout


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Concrete Structural Strengthening

WG PITTS performs structural concrete strengthening and replacement of structural concrete.


  • Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
  • Crack Repairs
  • Cementous Grout

Installers of carbon fiber reinforcement products: MasterBrace and Tyfo Composite Systems


Our Approach

The WGPITTS approach is straightforward, efficient and cost-effective. Our approach is proven successful through extensive experience and provides expert technical and administrative management of the project. We understand that the services we provide will be directed at preserving and advancing the interest of the Project in the areas of client satisfaction, quality, safety and timely completion of work.  Our organization and management approach facilitates communication with contracting, management, and technical personnel at every appropriate level. Our team believes in close coordination with the Client, partnering with the Client as a team, placing highly capable and experienced professionals on the job, and ensuring the proper tools and resources are given to each professional in order to execute assigned projects or tasks.

We will focus on key elements of effective management through frequent reviews, planning, scheduling, overseeing the vendors, and implementing processes that will ensure we deliver quality work on-time and within budget. WG Pitts believes that there are essential Requirements of Successful Project Management required to successfully accomplish the task at hand and this section will address WGPITTS’s plan for executing the Elements of Successful Project Management.


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