Julio Vazquez Fernandez


Julio Vazquez Fernandez serves as WGPITTS's Business development Representative focusing on the company's Future Projects.

Julio Vazquez Fernandez is Senior sales account executive and business development agent with over 25 years accomplished career track known throughout the industry for delivering and sustaining revenue and profit gains within USA, Puerto Rico, and international markets. He is an exceptional communicator with an advisory sales style and strong negotiation skills implementation.

Julio brings an extensive experience in areas of corporate operations, facilities and investment management, including corporate real estate, strategic planning, and project administration.

For 10 years Julio has lived and worked in Latin America Managing the international Division of a Public TPA Warranty Company. He Defined and implemented regional plans to capture market share and expanded operations where he developed a solid network of service providers, insurances companies and retailers.

Julio has been an independent insurance broker and independent public adjuster for over 25 years, licensed in Puerto Rico and Florida, with vast experience in P&L reporting, claims management and product development.

In addition, Julio is the founder of a marketing consulting services company which is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of experienced and certified energy consultants, architects, engineers, construction professionals and product providers, to provide the most complete array of services and products for green building and sustainability projects. Julio has an Insurance 220 Property/Casualty and Public Adjuster License with California Earthquake Certification.

An avid world traveler, Julio participated in the Columbus Great Regatta for the 500 year anniversary of the Columbus voyage to the New World, experiencing cross-Atlantic sailing accompanied by the 11 naval sailing training ships and as part of 190 vessels from around the world.